The Inside Scoop: Warrior’s Blade


Blade has been on a few different mixes in the past few years.  We have changed formulas based on his needs and how he’s responded to certain mixes.  At the present moment he receives:

  • Buckeye Gro’n’Win: 1 pound
  • Nutrena SafeChoice Original: 2 pounds


  • Flaxseed, whole: ½ cup
  • Uckele Absorball: 2 oz
  • Uckele Poly Zinc: ½ scoop
  • Uckele Poly Copper: ½ scoop
  • 3 in 1 Buglyte:  1 large scoop

All split into 2 daily feedings plus hay

My reasons:

We began Blade on Gro n Win because I wanted to increase Blade’s protein intake without increasing his calories.  With the added protein and proper exercise my goal was to improve his topline.

I love Nutrena Safechoice; it’s a great product and our mixing site in Albany, NY has no medicated bovine feeds on the premises; because of this I need not worry about cross-contamination.

Flaxseed is excellent for omegas.  Its anti-inflammatory properties also help with ulcers and I good digestion

Blade struggles with chronic gastrointestinal issues.  As a retired racehorse he had ulcers and hindgut ulcers.  To keep his tummy happy I give him Absorball, which contains a lot of great probiotics to encourage good gut flora.

My region (northeast) is known to have high levels of iron in the ground and hay.  To balance it I feed Blade copper and zinc.

Ticks and flies are major pests here so I tried the BugLyte. I find it works fairly well and it’s worth feeding it.

I like to streamline my feeding regimen.  Since I board Blade at a facility I create containers with his supplements and I stay away from overly complicated feeding instructions.  He has a hanging hay net to keep him chewing for a longer period of time (good for ulcers).  When I want to give him more I make a mix of alfalfa/beet pulp pellets for a nice forage based treat.

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