Beyond Riding Lessons; Taking the Next Step

​Buying or leasing?  Are we talking about cars here, people?


Still on horsepower, though…of the four legged persuasion.


Leasing a horse is much like leasing a car in the sense that you pay to “drive” for a time without the frustrations of ownership.  I recommend leasing to anybody considering buying a horse for the first time as it’s a good preview for ownership.

Why should you consider a lease?

Leasing is an optimal way to enjoy the perks of ownership (riding, bonding) with less of the complications (aging, chronic laminitis, injuries, etc).  It goes beyond horseback riding lessons by providing a glimpse deeper into the equine world.  You get the opportunity to work with one horse; you grow on and with this horse.  You’ll find that many horse owners love to lease their steeds out as a way to supplement their boarding costs.

While you enjoy the horse during the lease you get a chance to explore the world of horse-ownership without taking the leap.  It provides you with a “way out” should things go awry.  Kids grow up and lose interest quickly especially when they realize how much work is involved.  Adults lose faith or interest when they realize how expensive all things “horse” is.  If you lease before you buy you have the option to walk away without having a potentially devastating impact on the horse’s future.

If you’re at this stage hopefully you’ve begun taking lessons already.  To find horses for lease start at the farm where you take those lessons.  Ask your instructor if they know of anyone looking to lease their horse (the instructor might have some to offer you).  He/she will have a finger on the pulse of the farm and the surrounding community.  By starting there you could even take your lessons with that horse.

Stay tuned (Follow Me!) for more information on types of lease and things you should consider before you sign that lease agreement!

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