It’s Vet Appreciation Week

Veterinarians help keep our precious four legged beasts healthy but they are so much more than the medical experts that wanted some student loan debt.  Let’s take some time to appreciate our vets…they deserve it!


Eight years of education

Getting Licensed

…and continuing education for a lifetime

Patients can’t say where it hurts

Patience with the ever-doting humans

…and all with a smile!

Long hours

Working weekends

…Because emergencies happen at 6pm Friday night

Sympathetic to ones that have lost

The one sought in times of need

…Yet who meets the vets needs?


Our veterinarians are so much more than the medical master in our animals’ lives.  They support and educate us as owners to provide the proper healthcare our critters require.  Our vets answer our questions with kindness  and understanding despite having heard the same question over and over again.  If our pets are ill a vet treats them with compassion, showing patience with both the unruly patient and the overly concerned owner.  They sacrifice their chances of a normal 9-5 in order to provide the attention when it’s needed most.

Go thank your vet today!

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