Making Tough Decisions

If you were offered a horse tomorrow what would you say?

A horse…all you own…for free.

Would you take him?

When I was 16 a friend of mine was downsizing her herd.  I had been working with her  Quarter Horse mare that summer and she made me an offer;  I could free lease “Cricket” from her or I could buy her for $1500.  I had been saving every paycheck I received from work and had about $3000 saved up by then.  I knew that I’d have to choose between this horse or a car since upkeep of the horse would cost me a quite bit.  I raced over to my neighbors who owned a horse to ask them if I could keep Cricket at their place and was swiftly turned down.  There were only two other places near my house and they too said no.  I was left with the decision of having a horse with no ride to get to  the farm or having a ride but no horse.   At 16 I had to make the tough choice to let the horse go.  

Knowing how to make hard decisions is critical in the equine world.  Before committing to own a horse you need to truly consider whether you can provide the horse with the care it deserves.  Many horses are abandoned by well meaning people who realize too late they cannot support the animal.  The intention might have been to provide a great home…but in reality that’s just one more person who has failed the horse as it gets passed owner to owner.

You also need to be prepared to make difficult decisions in emergencies.  Accidents happen; especially with horses who seem to look for unique ways to commit suicide.  Not every accident has a negative outcome but it’s good to be prepared and to know when to let go no matter how difficult it may be.

What are some difficult choices you’ve made in your life?

How did you know that you were making the right decision?

Looking back at these choices, what would you have done differently?

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