All the Pretty Horses…Can I Have Them?

If you are finding this site I imagine that you have some sort of interest in horses.  You may admire horses from afar but haven’t really gotten involved with them yet, maybe you take riding lessons but want more.  You might have a horse or three.  Or…you might be a parent of someone who loves horses and want to know how to plan your next steps?

I’m here to tell you that horses are never easy, but they aren’t impossible either.  I encourage you to follow this blog as I seek to answer the questions you might have rolling around in your mind.  The Green Horseman is designed for you and me!  The term “green” is commonly used in the equine world and refers to an inexperienced horse.  A horse with a lot of potential but needs more mileage and training.  “Green” doesn’t have to relate to horses alone.  You’ll come to learn a lot about me; for one I am a non-competitive recreational rider.  I have a lifelong passion for horses but I took a zigzagged path to horse ownership.  In 2015 I brought home my very first horse despite starting riding lessons nearly 20 years ago.  I have a full time job outside of equines and work hard for my money.  I am a real ordinary person with real ordinary experiences and I’ve made mistakes along the way.  I hope that my experience will help you with improving your experience as you learn more about these majestic 4 legged creatures.

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