The Blade Chronicles: Winter Frolic and the Glory Days

Mom’s letting me take the reins again! Something about the first Thursday of the month?  Who has time to pay attention to that anyway?

I was supposed to tell you about the torture she made me endure when I had an abscess recently but I’d rather tell you about some fun the boys and I have been having lately.  I also have some exciting things to share that mom did.

When Zeno Bay and Vai Via came to mom’s farm I didn’t know what to make of them.  I had my girl, Happy.  She wasn’t very Happy all the time but she was mine.  Then her people took her away and I was left with…”the guys.”  Zeno didn’t want me around at all.  He was downright mean to me.  But something about the day that Happy left changed his mind.  I galloped for hours whinnying and mourning the departure of my gal.  It was that day that Zeno took me in. 20180923_122944

Mom calls us the three amigos.

We’ve now been together four months, we got through autumn and we’re almost out of winter.  Zeno’s been conditioning me to be a leader.  Every now and then he tells me what to do just to assure me he’s really the boss but he enjoys it when I take some of that responsibility.  I’ve never been top dog before.

Zeno Bay and Vai Via have been teaching me how to “horse.”

They wander in the woods!

We make our own paths.


When the ground freezes we don’t get out much but when it snows we stretch our legs. Mom recently sent us up to the hill and we got to really have a great time.  There was snow, it was -7°F, and the land was flatter than the barnyard.  Vai Via and I held our own match race and we all stretched out.  Then Vai and Zeno raced each other.  We all cooled out together.


When we were finished mom took me for a bareback ride.  I enjoy the alone time I get with her.  During the last four months I’ve put on a lot of weight and muscle; more than I’ve had in years!  I feel so big and strong now!


After our walk Zeno begged her for some attention too.  I’m not really a fan of sharing her but I really don’t have much say in the matter.  If anything I can monitor the situation so I followed along on their bareback ride.  All four of us took a walk around.

A little while ago mom gave us a big hay mound.  She calls it a round bale.

When I first saw it I darn near choked on breakfast.

Here it is, this big mass bigger than mom and she’s controlling it.  She has it coming closer to us and I’m like, “hey, this isn’t cool.”  Well it rolls into the paddock and stops moving.  I finish breakfast and then mom has the nerve to invite me over to meet this big moving giant.


Turns out it was food!  Vai Via used it as a bed sometimes too.


Mom said it should last a while.  Something about it being 500 pounds and “theoretically” should last about a week.

It made it five days until mom gave up and gave us new hay.  She shook her head and said “geldings.”  Does she really think we’re going to walk somewhere when we need to pee or poop?  She’s a little crazy if you ask me.  We go where we stand, ma!


Mom also likes to spend a lot of her mornings hanging out with us.  Vai Via ripped a belly strap on his blanket so he got to style his spare.


We also took turns getting scratches and kisses.

Mom takes care of all of us and it’s clear she loves the boys just as much as she loves me.  Although we are all retired and spoiled now we were once racehorses.  I never won a race but Zeno and Vai both did.

Because she loves them she spent time researching inside the big white heated barn she calls “the house.”  After all of her research most photographers told her they didn’t have photos from “that long ago.”  Time passed and she gave up until one photographer emailed her back with good news.

This photographer found a photo of a race they each won in Charles Town!  Mom bought the photos and was given permission to use the finish line photos to share with you.

Zeno Bay
Zeno Bay won his second race on May 2nd, 2001 on the turf at 4.5 furlongs.  He raced a total of 7 races of which he won twice, placed once, and showed twice.
Vai Via
Vai Via’s fourth win was on January 1st, 2004 at 1 1/16 miles.  In total he ran 47 races of which he won 4 times, placed 6 times, and showed 10 times.

I give her a hard time but I know she loves me, she loves the guys; and I love my mom!



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