Tim McGraw’s “Always Stay Humble and Kind” has been quite the theme song for us lately.  Every day I wake up with something new to be thankful for and would you think I’d use pen and ink to count my blessings?

I show my gratitude when people do nice things for me but every now and then we all need to stop and do some critical thinking to make sure we’ve done our part.

Have we shown enough gratitude?

Have we paid it forward?

Do the people in our lives know how we feel about them?

Thanksgiving isn’t the only day we should be doing this but you can’t help but stop to think about it on this holiday…it’s tradition!

When I think about all the blessings in my life I’ve overcome with a sense of joy and happiness.


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Well, I have picked up a weekly custom for this blog that I rather enjoy.  Every Saturday I participate in this Stream of Consciousness Saturdays and I usually have a lot of fun with it.  Words often flow well and come easily for each prompt.  This week, well, this week is slightly tougher.  You see, these prompts are often quite open ended and it’s usually simple to find an equine spin for the weekly topic.

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What does the word mean in the equine world anyway?  People say “this is a safe horse” because he’ll take care of the rider, no spook, no buck, no rear.  But in the realm of horsemanship there never is a true “safe,” and it’s simply a word providing false comfort and allows people to get complacent.
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Dew forming on the blades of grass in the pasture.  Steam rises from the ground, making way to a dense fog that will dissipate in a matter of hours.  Birds herald the rising of the sun.  The morning is aglow as the Earth begins to stir.



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Not everybody gets it, and I don’t blame them.  In some ways I don’t get it either…but having horses in my life has been important to me for as long as I can remember.  Even during the horse-free periods of my youth I still looked at classified ads and mused at the farms I drove by.   Without horses I have that feeling that something is missing.

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