Winter Zoomies

This winter has been incredibly cold, January and February often are but we typically have more breaks from the single-digit temperatures. This year we have had a snow/ice storm followed by 40 degree days, followed by another deep single-digit freeze. This was the perfect recipe for melting the snow into a solid sheet of glassy ice. Ice skaters rejoice. Horse owners no so much.

With ice smoothly covering the ground covering in the pastures, our horses haven’t had a lot of opportunities to stretch their legs or move around.

As you know I like my boys to be able to move freely…besides the exercise I give them. They need to move out without a rider or being in work. For their mental AND physical health.

We had a saddle fitting this week and I brought the boys to the indoor arena early. So far since moving them to the farm they often go into the arena and look around. It’s usually quite anti-climactic. With the latest freeze/warm/freeze cycle, though, things got interesting!

I watched gleefully as Tiger and Nahe both rolled in the dirt, and proceeded to rear, buck, and chase each other from one and to the other. Holding nothing but the camera (No, I didn’t spur them on) my jaw dropped as I saw the athletism of these dudes. Nahe’s lept vertically into the air far higher than I imagined possible. Tiger bucked straight up.

It was also fun to see how in tune they were with one another. Tiger and Nahe at times looked as though they were dancing. Sometimes doing the exact same movements at the exact same time.

Here are some of the outtakes. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Love these! So fun and a good boost for a wintry day at the end of February.~I used to ride a lesson horse who, when let loose in the indoor, would jump all the jumps by himself. My riding instructor’s reaction to my amazement—He loves his job!

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    1. Not much, lol! We’ve had a lot of frozen days so the ground is very solid and either icy or snowy. They won’t stay clean for the next few weeks though. We had a 65 degree day yesterday and rain today. above freezing for the next 10 days means we’re getting into tru mud season 😦

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