Fall Foliage and Pretty Ponies

The year 2020 has been….wild.

When it comes to weather in New York, however, we’ve been relatively fortunate. We had a mild winter, a decent and early (RARE) spring. Our summer had a few hot days but most were very nice. Most of our days were dry and there were many nice days for riding.

This year’s autumn season has been one of the loveliest I’ve seen and I’ve lived in the northeast my entire life. Most years autumn is short-lived; with the leaves quickly turning and falling to the Earth. The weather is often too cold and damp and as a result the trees lose their leaves before you get the chance to enjoy the colorful landscape.

Red, yellow, and green decorate the skyline this year in a spectacular display that makes 2020 among the most beautiful autumns. We enjoyed the brilliant foliage during our camping trip (Nahe’s News) and we are still enjoying Earth’s beauty now. Just this week I had the pleasure of photographing some of my trainer’s lesson horses. They are all such wonderful horses; each with something special to teach all of us. Each horse special in its own way. I was excited to highlight them amidst our beautiful northeastern fall colors.

In addition to the gorgeous horses we were able to get some nice photos of my trainer and her two perfect children.

Of course I couldn’t forget about my own two special boys (and pup)…so I made sure to get some got shots of them too.

Mother nature is sending us a special gift. She’s saying “I’m sorry your society is a disaster right now, but here, enjoy this.”

Society is so ugly right now. It’s a scary time to be alive. If you take a step back, look around, take a deep breath…..you can still see there is a lot to be thankful for, too.

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  1. Such lovely photos! And I agree that this year nature is giving us the most beautiful autumn. I aslo agree that it is needed as everyday there is such bad news about one thing or another. So we are lucky to have our horses and our autumn!

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    1. Most certainly! I am so thankful have an outlet to escape…..though tonight as I was leaving for work they drove me INSANE. Since we’re going into the 30s tonight I wanted to throw a sheet on them and the wind was blowing and they were playing the you can’t catch me game. Funny now. .not so much when I was running late for work. Haha

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