When the World Gets You Down

The last week or so has been rough on the family.  We’ve had a few events that really took the wind out of our sails.

Though with all the misfortune I am doing my best to keep my chin up and eyes focused on forward progress.

The beginning of our misfortune began when a loved one broke their ankle quite severely requiring multiple surgeries.

As I was going into work the following week I stopped at the grocery store to pick up something for lunch.  When I came out, however, my car decided not to work.  When I put the key into the ignition the dashboard lit up and said “Anti-Theft System.”  My car wouldn’t recognize my key-fob.  I spent thirty minutes looking up ways to override the system so I could get to work.  As it turns out my fob must be damaged in some way.  Changing the battery doesn’t help but I at least have my spare.  I am not looking forward to the cost of replacing the key!

Then last Monday I was sweeping the lawn of the lawn clippings.  I got off the ATV and heard a snap.  I was on the ground for several minutes crying (I DON’T like to cry) in agony.  I, too, injured my ankle.  Since I was home alone I got up and finished my duties.

This isn’t my first ankle sprain.  Anyone who has done it will tell you chances of re-injury increase once you’ve already done damage to it. Despite the world telling me to I have not yet seen the doctor as my “health” insurance ensures that visits cost me hundreds (I had to fork over $200 just to meet my new doctor for the first time).  My plan is to visit the doctor only if the ankle ceases to heal properly since I don’t see them doing anything different than I’m already doing.  Rest.  Ice. Compression.  Elevation.

I couldn’t put weight on the foot all day on Tuesday.  Zac even drove me to work for my day-shift training sessions Tuesday through Thursday.  I was alarmed by how difficult it was to get around my job on crutches.  The building itself is massive and there are a number of closed doors that require a badge to open.  These doors don’t have any automation and are very heavy when you’re already carrying a purse and 2 crutches.  Nobody offered to help and I even had the heavy doors closed on me as people went about their own day.

If you see someone on crutches hold the door for them.  Take a minute or two from what you’re doing and offer your help or support.  I am so glad I ate a big breakfast that morning because I could never have carried a meal from the cafe.  I simply tried to get 2 bottled beverages and the person behind me in line got impatient since I wasn’t moving out of his way fast enough.  Meanwhile, other people simply gave me looks and walked around me.  It was eye-opening and I vow not to let anybody else feel like I felt those days.

Throughout the week I slowly made improvement.  Now, a full 10 days later I can hop around without crutches.  If I keep it compressed with an Ace bandage I can almost walk like normal for about an hour.  The most difficult thing for me is missing my riding lessons.  The most painful movement with this injury is stretching my weight down into my heels and standing in the stirrups.20190710_194304.jpg

This past Sunday we let the chickens out of their run to free-range.  We often let them wander if we are staying outside and nearby.  They love their time outside the coop.  They frolic and chase each other, hunt for bugs, and chill out in the stream.  Jack, our rooster, has been taking into his duties as overseer.

We brought the chickens home in March.  I have really become fond of these creatures over the last few months and I’m amazed at how big they’ve gotten.  In only 16 weeks a few of my girls began giving me eggs.

Sunday was supposed to be any other normal day.  We were getting used to the chickens wandering and keeping to themselves.  We decided to go inside for a few minutes to get a bite to eat and a drink.  When we came back out I was alarmed and my heart sank.

Five hens greeted me when I approached the coop.  But no Jack.  I tasked Bardi to look to Jack in the bushes but found nothing.  Across the yard I found a pile of brown feathers.  No blood, no bird.  Just feathers.

Zac and I searched the property with Bardi’s help.  I knew it was doubtful we’d find him alive but I had to make sure he wasn’t suffering somewhere.

After about 30 minutes of searching Bardi led us to a tree deep in the woods where we found Jack’s decapitated body.  A fox ran from the area during our search.  My theory is that Jack stepped up to defend his girls but in the end, the fox won.

Zac and I are known to try saving the meekest of animals and it has really delivered a punch in the gut to see one of our hand raised-babies end the way Jack did.  Jack was becoming a very good defender of his girls.  He was getting a little too aggressive in breeding but I wasn’t ready to give up on him.  Many people told us to get rid of him but we weren’t ready to do that.  He died defending his girls, doing his job…he just died too soon.

Zac has been amazing through all of the problems we’ve faced recently.  He’s helped nurse now TWO ankle injuries and he woke up extra early to help take care of the horses with me before driving me into work (we work at the same company).  Sunday night he was working hard on the lawn and removing some of the brush that has overgrown and surrounded our trees.  We learned the next day that the brush was a very large poison ivy plant.  Now Zac has also become the patient!

Despite the bad circumstances I am trying to stay positive.  My day shift training went well.  I’m healthy besides a gimpy ankle.  We both have jobs and a beautiful home with incredible animals.

Speaking of incredible animals.  I refuse to let my ankle hold me back from riding.  Though I can’t ride english and jump I can still sit in a saddle.  Last weekend I got on Blade and we had another amazing ride together.


Together Blade and I rode all around our property.  We went through the woods and bushwhacked some trails where we haven’t yet been able to brush hog.  We were having a great time and weren’t yet ready to be finished.  That’s when Blade and I took off down the road.  We were riding at least an hour and he was so happy the entire time.

I also spent some quality time with the boys.



Finally, what else do you do when the world gets you down?

Buy things.

Full disclaimer I rarely ever spend money on things for myself.  I haven’t had my hair done in over a year, I can’t remember the last time I bought clothes.

Pessoa saddles were first introduced to me when I was a kid and the name lingered in my head into adulthood.  My trainer also loves Pessoa saddles so that further drove the name into my brain.  While on a horse website I found a fantastic deal on a saddle that I’ve been wanting for years.

After many years of looking into these saddles, I found a Pessoa GenX saddle, brand new.  I couldn’t help it and made the purchase using some money I had saved up for such an impulsive occasion.  Once my ankle heals I will be eagerly riding in this saddle and making it a home in the tack room.  Until then, however, it is stored safely inside.


So I’ve had some bad days but I’m doing what I can to get through it and come out stronger, smarter, and kinder.

After all…we need bad days to appreciate the good ones, don’t we?

What do you do when the world get’s you down?



    1. Haha that’s an idea for sure! Thank you so much. Was very fortunate to ride twice today. On the evening ride I could almost sink my heel down. I think I’ll be able to ride english again next week assuming I don’t do anything stupid before then. Bahaha


  1. I get on my horse and ride. Just like you did. As for the crutches I rented a wheelchair when I broke my leg and that enabled me to cook something or make a tea or coffee and not have to stand to eat or drink it. I could put a tray across the armrests of the wheelchair and then move around to a table or to the living room to watch tv. Hang in there things will turn around for the better.

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    1. That’s a great idea Anne! I am so fortunate that I’m healing as fast as I am. Took a trail ride with a friend while we had cool morning air, and I hopped on Blade tonight for a 3mile ride as the heat began to dissipate. The next few days I’ll be trying.to keep them all comfy as we battle a heat wave.

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      1. The big heat wave is arriving here tomorrow. Biasini and I will take to the forest trails early. I worked him today and it was a sweat fest for both of us. All the best for a good recovery to you!

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  2. Thank goodness your ride went well…So glad your on the mend, do you know about comfrey, comfrey ointment.comfrey is called the bone knitter helps healing process. Poor jack sad loosing & finding any menagerie like that. The photos are beautiful & I love the Pessoa saddle looks comfy. Ride Ride Ride

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I have been getting on and rode english yesterday with some difficulty. I still can’t sink down into my heel but I’m so thankful the horses I ride are forgiving about it.
      …and though we are very sad about Jack it turns out the hens aren’t. They began laying eggs again within days. I think they were stressed from him breeding them too much.

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