She’s Completely CrayCray…Now She’s Taking Pictures of Poop

Recently I realized something about myself. One of my biggest pet peeves about winter is not being able to pick paddocks.  The piles accumulate and freeze.  It gets worse with snow because the manure glares at you among the beautiful white powder.

“Oh you want to scoop me up and have nice looking paddocks? Haha…no.  Oh and I broke your pitch fork too by the way.  That was a cute gesture though.”

– Horse manure

I’m one of those people who likes things to look nice. I work for a couple of my friends and I like to make sure that their barns look fantastic when I leave. It can be so annoying when I leave the paddocks in this state there’s really nothing that can be done until spring or until we get a heatwave.

Unfortunately due to the need to make extra money and the process of our moving this past weekend there is no Equine 101 this week.  Hopefully I’ll be a little more awake and unpacked for next week so until then have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate.  Happy holidays to all of you.

Where are you from?

Do you have this trouble where you live?

What is one of the thorns in your side at the barn? 


  1. I really dislike frozen poo! I try to pick it up each time I head out to deal with frozen water, throughout the day. Leaving it until Spring equals one big job!

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  2. Our first year on the Farm, I moved poo with a fork and wheelbarrow.
    Then, we realized how much easier it is to do with the tractor!
    Even with (at the time) only 4 horses, that’s a lot of poo to move by hand.
    My Hubby can do the entire winter feeding area with the tractor in less than an hour.
    If you afford to add a small tractor, or even an atv with a blade, to your farm, it’s so worth it!

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    1. It’s funny you say that we actually just bought a house and it came with the tractor. I’m still learning a lot about it so I’m not sure how quite to use it. We also still need to build a barn and put up fencing so that we can bring a horse home


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